Children in Early Christian Asceticism and Monasticism


The Project

An examination of children and parents (biological or not) in the earliest Christian monasteries and ascetic households.  The project looks at the social history of children, parents, and parenting; children as symbols in ascetic texts and art; and the ideological and political uses of discourses about children.

About the Creator

Caroline T. Schroeder, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Religious and Classical Studies at the University of the Pacific.

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carrie at carrieschroeder dot com

Support Provided by...

  1. American Academy of Religion

  2. University of the Pacific

  3. National Endowment for the Humanities

  4. Graves Award in the Humanities

  5. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

  6. Georg-August University, Göttingen


This website features research on children in early Christian asceticism and monasticism. 

Articles on this research as well as slides from unpublished presentations are now available at

  1. "Monks and Their Children," LAUDATIO Workshop on Historical Corpora in Corpus Linguistics, May 2013, Humboldt University

  2. Journal of the American Academy of Religion article:  Queer Eye for the Ascetic Guy?

  3. Journal of Early Christian Studies: Child Sacrifice in Egyptian Monastic Culture

Image:  The Nursing Virgin at the Monastery of the Syrians, Egypt; Photo by Schroeder

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